We’ll increase your ecommerce revenue on autopilot, guaranteed.

Add over $100,000 – $250,000+ to your annual revenue in just 90 days
or your money back*

  • Recover lost revenue across all your traffic sources
  • Guaranteed at least 6.7x ROI*
  • Continuously see your website improve, driven by data and without you having to chase it

1 slot available for August 2024!

Increase your ecommerce revenue on autopilot

Recovering lost revenue for retail sites.

If you’re a retail e-commerce store with 50-3,000+ SKUs turning over at least $1mm per year online you’ve got a website that works (congratulations, by the way!)

But without a research- and data-driven conversion rate optimisation (CRO) program you are losing sales and revenue.

It’s 2023 and ad costs are increasing by the day, so if you’re paying for traffic to your website you’d better make sure you’re making the most of it.

That’s what Converted does for you.

Improving your website on autopilot.

You’ve probably paid developers to improve your website before. And it looks like your website has improved, doesn’t it?

The old way 😩

  • Our competitors do it, so we must have it too!
  • And it looks great, I guess?
  • Get a quote. Follow up on the dev work. Wait for revisions. Request a go live. Guess that it made a difference (your site looks better though)

With Converted. 🚀

  • Website changes based on extensive research
  • Test to understand your customers’ behaviour and build upon learnings from previous experiments
  • Your website improves on autopilot. And so does your revenue.

3 steps to get converted.


Book a call.

(you can do it right now!)

We’ll discuss how it works and what we need to get started. If we’re both happy to get started, we’ll get set up and start the next step in no-time.



We’ll get access to your site and analytics, and start our research phase right away. Any quick wins we’ll split-test immediately!


Wait and see.

You’ll receive regular status updates, and we will share any learnings we come up with. And of course, when the first results are in, you’ll get a detailed report.

…and after those 3 steps, this happens

Here are some stats on the impact of these changes on our client websites

👆 These results are impressive, but please remember that results will vary!
The results on this page are the result of years of testing.

Our Guaranteed Process.

1. Research

To pick the highest potential improvements we need to look at your analytics using our own proprietary Google Analytics 4 conversion leak audit, that we combine with customer experience research (screen recordings, heatmaps, surveys and polls).

We do a deep dive into your data to determine which sources, buyer stages, funnel stages, technology, etc. are underperforming. In other words: where you’re leaving money on the table.

That means we know exactly what parts of your site to focus on to improve your revenue.

2. Experiment

We combine our research with our 183+ factor on-site CRO audit. This is hands-on and always leads to real gold nuggets.

Based on the result, we develop behavioural hypotheses about your customers. Armed with those, our dev team goes in and develops experiments that we split-test on your website.

3. Implement & Iterate

After a period of testing (normally, 2 to 4 weeks) we identify exactly how much more yearly revenue the changes are predicted to yield.

We now implement any succesful changes on your website. Production-ready without required further development. The tweaks and their revenue increase will be yours permanently.

Knowing what the impact was, we find out what drives your customers. We use these insights to go back to step 1 and research.


We’re running a split test right now!

And you’re in it 👀

Curious to find out what it is? Leave your email address below and we’ll let you know when it’s finished.

Converting high-SKU count retail.

If you’ve looked at CRO before, you may have noticed that most shiny case studies are from Direct To Consumer (DTC) brands. That’s because they can afford to optimise the funnel for a single product. And they can afford it too.

Your challenges are different. You need to make sure visitors find the right products on your website, buy from you instead of your competitors, and buy products across different categories.

So if you sell more than 50 SKUs you need a team that knows how to optimise for your challenges specifically (…that’s us).

Recover lost revenue with Converted By Keetrax

Why Converted by Keetrax?

It’s simple, it doesn’t cost you any time – and if it doesn’t increase your online sales significantly, it won’t cost anything. But also, we’ve been in the e-commerce game since 2014 and we’ve implemented thousands of changes on hundreds of sites.

“Keetrax was highly recommended to us by a trusted customer who continues to benefit enormously from their work so it was a no brainer to enlist Keetrax’s help. We’ve never regretted it. The Sherpa website is their monument.”

Steve RawnsleyDirector, Sherpa Outdoor Gear

“What do we think about Keetrax? It’s so refreshing to work with people who are genuinely on our side and interested in what we do and how we do it. At this rate I’ll be in a condo by the beach with a Pina Colada in my hand reading these reports by the end of 2023 😊”

Geoff RawlingsEquip Outdoors

“It's fantastic to know that Keetrax has our back! It de-stresses us and allows us to focus on what matters. Since working with them, our online sales have more than quadrupled and our EDM sales are up by 92%! What more could you want?”

Steve SmithCEO, AdventureMoto

1 slot available for August 2024!


1 split test

per month

  • Ideal for companies turning over $500k-2mm per annum
  • 5x ROI guaranteed within the first 90 days
  • Add $45,000-$100,000+ to your top line annually
most popular

2 split tests

per month

  • Ideal for companies turning over $2mm-$5mm per annum
  • 5.7x ROI guaranteed within the first 90 days
  • Add $60,000-$120,000+ to your top line annually

4 split tests

per month

  • Ideal for companies turning over more than $5mm
  • 6.7x ROI guaranteed within the first 90 days
  • Add $100,000-$250,000+ to your top line annually


What if it doesn’t work?

If it doesn’t work we will refund all fees paid, and you get to keep any website changes you want to keep. No questions asked and no hard feelings. We’ve never had to refund anybody!

Explain again... How do you know it’s working? What do you compare against?

We will run a split test on your website. That means half your visitors see your original site, and half your visitors will see the updated site. At the end, we can see exactly how much better (or worse) your website performed with our changes.

How long does each split test take?

It depends on your existing conversion rates and traffic volume. On average, our tests run for 3 weeks, but some take longer. But even if one test takes a long time, we will keep developing and deploying the next tests simultaneously.

How long until I see results?

We get your first split test running within 2 weeks. This should make a difference right away!

Isn’t it better to do a redesign? Why don’t I just change my theme to a high performance theme?

If your website is already making money, full redesigns are a bad idea for CRO. If you haven’t been A/B testing you don’t know what is working on your site, so you run the very real risk of killing that. At the very best you’ll have a new website that converts slightly better, but no idea what parts of it are better and which are worse.

How long do you recommend keeping the program going?

As long as we keep returning positive results! Every month we will report on the conversion rate improvements and the learnings from our research. To date no website has ever stopped using our CRO services.

Can I still make other changes to my website?

Absolutely! While we make proactive changes, you can still get any other changes made to your website.

Do I have to do anything?

Nope. You will get A LOT of information from us about how your site is doing and how you can improve in the future. But if you just want to make more money, all you need to do is give us the go ahead.

What if I don’t like what you’re doing to my website?

It’s your website in the end! We have so many high-impact tweaks that we’re confident we can swap things out. But do trust us, we’re good at this!

How do I know it’s working?

By looking at your bank account 😆 We will be tracking your stats in Google Analytics and will give you a detailed overview of our results. We’re proud of them, so we will share!

What happens afterwards?

All the improvements are part of your website forever, so the extra revenue will keep coming in every month.

Why shouldn’t I just spend that budget on ads?

You should definitely keep spending on ads. Your return on ad spend is cash in the bank this month. But it doesn’t give you any advantage next month.

It’s 2023, customer acquisition costs are going up every day. If you don’t invest in improving your customer experience after they’ve clicked on your ad, your returns will keep diminishing.

And this is what CRO does. It improves your customer experience permanently, thereby reducing your customer acquisition costs permanently.

1 slot available for August 2024!

*Small print.

Guarantee is only available after we have reviewed your website and confirmed that this offer is available to you.

We base our guarantee on your trailing 12 month webstore revenue from the moment our experiments have concluded. We will run our A/B tests through a dedicated A/B testing software, analysed using the AGILE testing methodology. We measure the improvement by conversion rate or average revenue per user increase, with at least 90% statistical significance. Revenue increase is calculated based on the increase during the experiment.

If we don’t improve your conversion rates by the equivalent of the guarantee on an annual basis you can choose to keep all the changes when receiving your refund.

What are you waiting for?

The sooner you start with CRO improvements, the sooner you will start seeing revenue increases.

For you, this program is fully on auto-pilot. If we didn’t know from experience it will pay off we wouldn’t offer it! (We’d be stupid to offer the guarantee 😅)

1 slot available for August 2024!